MinInvasive Cardiology Travels presents a unique, all-encompassing program focused on coordinating and facilitating state-of-the-art, minimally invasive heart interventions and therapy conducted in Milan and Northern Italy for heart valve repair and replacement.

Who Can Benefit
Patient With PhysicianHeart valve disease patients suffering from severe heart valves malfunctions (i.e. aortic valve stenosis or mitral valve regurgitation) for whom traditional open heart surgery might have severe adverse affects and who seek immediate relief through advanced, minimally invasive cardiac interventions and therapy.  These forward-thinking procedures – performed by highly regarded, experienced Italian interventional cardiologists in top-ranked hospitals – may not yet be widely available in the U.S. and are suitable for patients who are not good candidates for surgery.

Patient Care Coordination

Italian PhysicianInterventional cardiologists seeking hands-on training by leading Italian colleagues, utilizing the newest-generation, non-invasive devices and procedures for heart valve repair and replacement long approved by the European Community but not yet widely practiced in the U.S.

Interventional Cardiologist Training Facilitation